The Slime Stars

Name: Buttery Bella
Age: 5 slime years
Motto: Spread the joy everywhere you go
Famous for: Hosting the best workshops for spreadable slimes
Name: Carlos Cloud
Age: 6 slime years
Motto: Rise above and float on
Famous for: Giving out free belly laughs
Name: Classic Christina
Age: 8 slime years
Motto: Being soft and fluffy is always a win!
Famous for: Being a strong base for all her friends
Name: Clear Chris
Age: 11 slime years
Motto: Clarity reveals the beauty within.
Famous for: Being able to see the inner you and all the fun stuff too.
Name: Glossy Guy
Age: 10 slime years
Motto: Jiggle, shine, and play all the time.
Famous for: Reflecting the world around with shimmer and shine.
Name: Fluffy Fred
Age: 7 slime years
Motto: Stay fluffy and light every day!
Famous for: Crafting the fluffiest, cloud-like slimes
Name: Avalanche Anita
Age: 3 slime years
Motto: Slide into excitement, with a dash of sass
Famous for: Mastering the art of attitude in slime
Name: Ingrid Icee
Age: 6 slime years
Motto: Cool as Ice but sweet like Icee. I like to stay cool when you touch me.
Famous for: Famous for the cold to touch slime that mimics and some great frozen drinks,
Name: Selena Slay
Age: 4 Slime Years
Motto: Stretch, spread, and slay the day!
Famous for: Crafting the creamiest, stretchiest creations in the kitchen.