Our Story

You’re about to embark on a slime journey, one that started during pandemic chaos. Like many parents, we searched for exciting ways to keep our family engaged and entertained. During this time, our 8-year-old daughter, Ainsley discovered slime-making videos and started making slime at home.

My husband and I joined her in this gooey adventure, while memories of my childhood came rushing back to when I used to buy “globs” from vending machines! But this was different. As our family transformed simple ingredients into a kaleidoscope of textures and colors, we became fascinated by the creative magic of slime-making.

With growing curiosity, we experimented with various recipes using clay and other fun ingredients. The more we explored, the more we fell in love with the process, especially of bringing art and science together.

Before we knew it, our kitchen housed an industrial 20 qt. mixer, and we began producing countless test batches. Little did we realize that this newfound passion was destined for something bigger.

And that’s how Slime Kitchen was born—just five short months after that pivotal mixer purchase. We saw the potential of sharing our experiments with parents, kids of all abilities, and adults who are kids at heart. Slime Kitchen has become a space where creativity knows no bounds and smiles are molded as effortlessly as the stretchiest slime.

Since our beginning, we’ve grown, evolved, and embraced change. And now we are officially a national franchise! Can't wait to get a Slime Kitchen in your city.

Whether you’re a parent looking for fun quality time with your littles, a family needing a break from the screen, a closet slime artist craving inspiration, or you’re interested in a hands-on, educational party, get in the kitchen! Get messy, get creative, learn, and create lasting memories in our Slime Kitchen.