Texture Glossary


Our most popular slime! It’s Totally transparent, so you can see all your added mix ins inside. It’s perfect for making bubbles and ASMR sounds like, POP! The strong texture allows for glitter, shimmer and ingredients to be super visible.


Known for its silky stretchiness, classic slime is awesome for developing fine motor skills.

Thick & Glossy

Shiny and dense and perfect for playing—everyone loves its bubbles, pops, and clicking sounds. It’s heavy, firm, and not-so-sticky.


Clear with instant snow which makes for a sizzly, icee-like feel that is cold to the touch.


Mixed with a super soft air-dry clay, this clay like slime has a texture like peanut butter, and is super spreadable.


Light and airy, like cotton balls, cloud slime is soft and stretchy. It’s a classic with instant snow which makes it drizzly and similar to cotton candy.


Just like the name suggests - this slime is so fluffy, your senses will tingle.