Frequently Asked Questions


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How long are the DIY Sessions?

20-25 minutes but you're welcome to stay and play longer if there isn't a waiting list.

What is the recommended age group for a DIY?

Slime is for all ages! We generally recommend a minimum of age of 4 but there is no age minimum and definitely no age maximum. It's great for sensory even for seniors.

Are there additional charges besides the DIY price?

The cost is shown on our the store pricing page. That includes all of the 10 steps. There are only additional charges for an extra jar or extra toppers. We generally recommend against them because less is more when it comes to the perfect slime.

Are there nut ingredients?

No, we don't have any nut based products. Slime is made from different types of glue, borax solution, lotion, shaving cream, and clay along with scented oils and colored dye and pigments.

Party FAQs

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How long are parties?

Parties run 1.5 hours and include time at the end if you want to bring cake/cupcake.

Are parties private?

No, we aren't able to close down the store during mall hours unless we have hit capacity at the store. We do host during less busy times (in the morning) and we do block out our appointments to reduce traffic. We can host private events outside of mall hours for a full buy out. See capacity by location.

What do you do for the party?

We share how slime is made is, keep the group together making slime, we play slime games and end with a slime cupcake.

What does the base fee cover?

  • Dedicated head chef(s)
  • A slime cupcake for the celebrant
  • A gift bag for the celebrant
  • Special labels for the party with the celebrants name
  • Diplomas for all guests
  • Laughter, Smiles, and Fun

Do you offer catering?

We no longer offer catering in our locations but we do have partners in the mall for a great sit down experience Or you can bring your own food with a fee of $100 to cover our cleanup costs. We do allow cupcakes and water bottles without the food service charge. Food should be consumed within the allowed 1.5 hours.

Can I bring my own food?

Yes, as of 2024 we do allow our customers to bring their own food. There is a fee of $100 to bring your own food which covers our cleanup and the extra 20 minutes added to your party. You'll need to sign a release of liability if you are bringing food. *Note: No fee for Hillsdale as the food will be hosted at the food court.

Is there room for parents?

Unfortunately No. Our stores are small and set up for kids. We ask parents to drop off so the guests have room and can hear instruction. It is a better experience for them! Celebrants parents stay and take pics!

What is the age range for a party?

Recommended for kids over 5 for parties because they are longer than our normal DIY process and because parties are drop off.

What is the max or min for a party?

Min is 10, Max is dependent on the location. Please see the specific location for more info.

Do I have to pay if people don't show up?

Yes we will lock the final headcount the week of the party in order to staff for your group, print the labels and the jars.

What is the cancellation policy?

We know things come up. We can cancel a party 3 weeks before with a full refund on your deposit. We need the 3 weeks because there is generally a waiting list for weekend parties.


Additional Fees

A 15% gratuity is automatically charged for parties over 12. The gratuity goes to your party hosts.