How it works

Creating your own slime is insanely easy and super fun for every age! Whether you booked a reservation or you’re walking in to one of our kitchens (available in select stores), our table signs will take you on a personalized slime creation journey.


Pick out a base

  • Clear
  • Classic
  • Thick & Glossy
  • Cloud 
  • Butter 
  • Icee

Select a scent

Select from a large range of classic favorites—over 30+ scents.


Choose a color

Use our gels for darker colors. For a lighter, shimmery color, use our pigments.


Mix It!

This is the fun part! Get gooey and messy and crackly and poppy!


Grab a glitter

Add some sparkle to your creation!


Tie in texture

Slimy, creamy, fluffy, snowy—you choose!


Poke, Pop, Drizzle!

Fire up your sensory responses!


Master your mix-ins

Add uniques elements to your slime to make it yours. We have a huge selection of polymer clay slices just for you!


Tinker with top-offs

The best part! Make it uniquely yours with flowers, sprinkles, dinosaurs, rainbows, and more.


Seal your slime

Get it ready to take home. Package it up in one of our jars made just for your slime! Make sure and take a picture and tag us @official_theslimekitchen.


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How much is a DIY experience?

California locations are $25 + tax

Oregon locations are $30

Do I need a reservation or can I walk in?

Walk in's are welcome but RSVPs are highly recommended on holidays and weekends. They don't cost you anything and you get priority.

How long does a DIY session last?

The DIY experience generally takes 20-30 minutes on average. Some slime chef's can do it much faster and want to bring their slime home to play while others like to enjoy working on it at the Slime Kitchen longer.

If I have a large group how do I RSVP?

You can book two back to back sessions for larger sized groups. Please note that an RSVP is not a party just a heads up that you're coming for a DIY experience.

Where do I learn about hosting a party?

Please check our party page and FAQs for more info.

Is there room for parents?

Our stores are small and set up for kid seating. For a DIY, you can stay, shop nearby or go grab a coffee and come back if you have older sliders .

What is the age range for a DIY session?

We generally recommend our DIY's for slime chefs over 4 and under 150 but we've had some really savvy sliders that are younger. Parents you'd have to sit and help them.